Essay Dialogues (#2): Parents Talking About Their Child’s Application Essays

MARC, fit, nervously watches his wife, ALEXANDRA, as she reads a sheet of paper. MARC: What do you think? ALEXANDRA: (she finishes reading, lowers the paper) It’s amazing… MARC: All right! (He lifts his hand for a high five. Alexandra doesn’t reciprocate.) ALEXANDRA: … if Schuyler was forty six years old, VP of Marketing for […]

Essay Dialogues (#1): A Couple of Parents Talking about College Application Essays

Starting a new series of blogs today called “Essay Dialogues.” Simple concept, people – students, parents, teachers, whomever – talking about the college admissions essay.  Here’s the first. I hope you find it enjoyable, enlightening, even comforting. (Hannah, efficient, crisp, the kind of woman you’d trust to pack your parachute, enters her local coffee spot, […]