The Holiday Season Can Inspire Your College Admissions Essay

If you’re still searching for a topic for your college admissions essay, try getting inspiration from this emotional holiday season. Family, gratitude, the spirit of giving, travel, commercialism, spirituality and over eating are all in the air and can wind up being potential subject areas. During the coming holidays, therefore, no matter which of them […]


The old show business expression goes, “Always leave them wanting more.” In writing your college application essay, the rule should be, “Always leave them wanting you.” One way you can accomplish this is by ending your essay strongly and memorably. Here are six methods that can help you do that.   1.  “The Buzz Lightyear” […]

Writing the College Application Essay: Your “Audience” Awaits

I often encourage my students to think of their college application essay as a short movie starring them. Taking that analogy to the next level, a school’s Admission Directors – those hard working folks who read hundreds of essays each week – become the essay’s first, and only, audience. It is vital, therefore, to write […]

Writing the Col…

Writing the College Application Essay – Finding a Topic: Ten More Questions to Ask Yourself 1. Is there anything you would fight and die for? What? Why? 2. Any person? Who? Why? 3. What’s your dominant positive quality? How do you think it was developed within you? 4. How has that quality been revealed in your […]