From the first brainstorming session through the Final Final Final draft, our approach to college application essay tutoring is thorough, tireless, and customized to each student’s specific needs.

The first phase is mining students’ individuality to discover the ideal college application essay topic for them. This involves extensive brainstorming, analysis, creating a list of potential topics, then choosing the strongest one.

Following that, we tackle the critical stage of creating an outline for the essay. Working directly with Craig Heller, students shape their topic into a well-organized outline, giving them an easy-to-follow road map for writing their admissions essay or personal statement.

The student then writes his or her first draft with an attention-grabbing opener and solidly constructed, fast paced paragraphs. Subtly, without overselling, the essay reveals the student to be unique, responsible and, once accepted, an asset to the college.

Finally, we work toward ending a college application essay with a memorable closing. After all, the conclusion to your college essay could be your last chance to impress the Admissions Committee.

Guided by notes, comments, observations and suggestions, plus an ongoing conversation – by phone or Skype – between the student and Craig, we then work to refine the initial draft, adding information and insights. As the student writes each successive draft, it is returned to Craig for additional notes and suggestions for improvement. This process continues until the admissions essay or personal statement has reached the high standards of the student and College Essay Solutions. There is no limit on drafts, or time. We work until we’ve nailed it.

To assure that all essays will be submitted without errors, Craig checks them one last time, immediately prior to submission.

PLEASE NOTE: All input is always positioned as a suggestion. Throughout, the university admission essay remains the creation and work of the student.

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