Application Essays

With more students applying to college each year, many with similar credentials, the admissions essay can often be the “tiebreaker” that decides acceptance.

Admission Committee members read a lot of application essays and many of them will be somewhat similar.

That’s why CES guides students toward developing a dynamic and original essay topic that will immediately grab the attention of admissions decision makers.

It starts with brainstorming.

To meet this high goal, we begin assisting students with a one-on-one brainstorming session between Craig Heller and the student, conducted on the phone, Skype, FaceTime or other online meeting app.

Following our daughter’s acceptance to her first choice school, she received a personalized letter from the Dean of Admissions complimenting her on her application essay. Among other things, he wrote that it “reflected a level of maturity and clear thinking” he had rarely seen. Thanks, Craig, she could not have done it without you!
Marilyn M.


Prior to writing, the student, with Craig’s support, develops an outline for the essay. Craig then reviews the outline and offers suggestions for improvement.

With this roadmap in hand, the student generates a first draft of the essay and submits that to College Essay Solutions. Craig then provides comprehensive notes on the draft, written directly on the document to avoid misinterpretation. Input covers everything from writing basics to clarifying complex concepts to presenting the student in the most positive light possible. Here and throughout the process, the student remains the author of the essay and all notes are couched as suggestions.

This procedure continues, with no limit on time or number of drafts, until the student, and Craig, is confident that the essay has reached its highest potential.

If desired, Craig will review the essay one final time, immediately before submission.

Every aspect of the College Essay Solutions process is designed to accomplish the principal objective of raising a student’s chances for acceptance.

Please note that College Essay Solutions will not, under any circumstances, write an essay for a student.
Throughout our tutoring process, the student remains the author of the essay.