How to Write a College Essay

This series of blogs breaks down how to write a college application essay into delectable, bite size portions. From basic essay writing fare such as, “Six Ways to a Powerful Opening” to less obvious essay writing tips like, “Four Mindsets to Avoid,” each blog will help you gain a better understanding of how to start, develop, refine and complete your college admissions essay.

A number of the blog posts here are under an umbrella title of either “Writing the College Application Essay:” or “Writing the Admissions Essay:” (I have been assisting students with their essays for fifteen years and still don’t know which term is preferred. So I went with both!). Others have the exact title you see listed below. However they are are titled, I believe you will find them a valuable resource as you write your college application essays.

In preparing these blogs, I tried to stay away from information you can get elsewhere. After all, there is no shortage of online instruction about how to write a college application essay. Given my background as a professional writer, however, I felt I could offer some unique insights about writing the college essay, and writing in general, that would be of particular value to any student facing a blank computer screen and a ticking deadline.

A good example of this are the blogs titled, “Dealing with the Word Count” and “How to Handle the Word Count #2.” These pieces provide you with solid editing techniques that will help you effectively carve your admissions essay down to just below the word limit specified for that particular application essay. Those same editing techniques are also applicable to any writing you do during high school or on in to college. In any case, check them out!

For a change of pace in the rapidly growing genre of “Blogs About Writing the College Application Essay,” the How to Write a College Essay heading also includes three sets of blogs called, “Diary of a College Application Essay.” These are first person accounts of writing an admissions essay, presented as diary entries by a fictional high school student. There are three sets of them, two consisting of six blogs, one of eight blogs. They are lighthearted and fun but will also deliver some valuable tips as you buckle up for your application essay thrill ride.

Overall, whether you read one or all (doubtful!) of these college application essay blogs, please know that every one of them was written with one objective in mind – to help you write the best essay you can possibly write!