Personal Statements

The application essay for graduate, medical or law school is called a Personal Statement. It is also referred to as a Statement of Purpose. Although there are plenty of variations depending on the college to which you’re applying, the Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose should:

  • Detail why the applicant wants the advanced degree
  • Highlight anything in the applicant’s background that would be relevant to attaining the degree
  • Demonstrate the values, aspirations, and concerns of the applicant
  • Outline general career goals and areas of specialty
  • Include anything else that the Admissions Committee should know, that could influence acceptance.
  • Be approximately two double-spaced pages in length.  (Again, specific schools may require more or less.)
  • Like all application essays, be a compelling read that will help the applicant stand out from other students.

While Personal Statements are usually more straightforward and less conceptual than undergraduate admissions essays, they still require a creative thrust or unifying concept of some kind. Otherwise, the statements tend to all sound the same. Using interview techniques similar to the ones he employs with freshman applicants, Craig works closely with his Personal Statement students to find a unique “twist” or principle in their story that will allow the student to stand out. This not only clarifies why the student wants to be a doctor, lawyer, master businessperson, or whatever other degree he or she is pursuing, it also allows universities to get a positive, holistic impression of the student. Personal Statements are serious business, there is no doubt. But a good read is still a better calling card than a dull one, and that is what we help students deliver.

All policies of College Essay Solutions, including unlimited time and number of drafts, apply to working with applicants on their Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement.

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