Writing The College Application Essay – Four Mind Sets to Avoid

For most high school seniors, writing your college application essay is a difficult, if ultimately rewarding, process. To make sure that you don’t make that process even harder, here are four mind-sets that should be avoided at all costs. 1. Fear Writing the application essay can be intimidating. But what we all know about handling […]

Writing the College Application Essay: No Salespeople Allowed

When writing their college application essays, students will sometimes feel compelled to spell out exactly what they are thinking, which is often some variation of, “I’ve got great test scores, a 4.2 GPA, and I served Thanksgiving dinners at the local shelter every year. How can you not accept me?” While this feeling may be […]

Writing the College Application Essay – Embrace Your Individuality

Many high school seniors have difficulty recognizing their own uniqueness. After all, the last four years have been tough. There was the volleyball team you didn’t make, that “A” in Calculus you missed by a point, that boy you couldn’t get to notice you. But the fact is, every high school senior is brimming with […]