The College Admissions Essay – WHAT TO DO IF YOU HATE TO WRITE (Part 2)

For those seniors who don’t love writing (yes, there may be a few), here are five more methods to make facing that empty screen less daunting.

1. Be comfortable with your subject. Make sure that you are enthused about writing this essay.

2. Prepare. Do as much pre-writing work as possible. Make sure you create an outline to follow.

3. Believe. Keep telling yourself you’re a bad writer, that’s what you’ll be. Instead, tell yourself that you’ve always been a better writer than you and others have thought; you just haven’t applied yourself.

4. Keep your perspective. You’re not being asked to write a 1000 page novel. It’s a couple of hundred words, a small fraction of what you wrote last week on the social networking site of your choice. You can handle it.

5. Seek help. Take a class, buy a book, get someone else on your team. The essay must always remain your creation but there’s nothing wrong with some healthy mentoring.

Bonus Concept!!

Keep the end results in mind. Imagine yourself walking across campus after being accepted to the college of your choice. Bring that smile, that good feeling to your essay.

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