July 31th

Am I weird? I love doing outlines! And not just bullet points which is not an official outline no matter what some people might say. Roman numerals, points A., B., C., then the subpoints 1,2,3, and if I’m really on a roll, sub subpoints, a, b, etc. Something about the way it looks on the page, the way it pushes you to think and plan ahead… I enjoy that whole process. So then, yes, I guess I am weird but when you think about it, who isn’t? (Which could actually be a topic for my application essay if I wasn’t already in love with my essay on how I stood up to Aunt Ro.)

Finished the outline, put it aside for a day like I’m supposed to, went back to it and made a few changes. I’m pretty happy with it right now so tomorrow I will be in front of my computer writing away. And… it’s still early!

August 1, 2013

I got home from my job at camp today and before I could even think about starting my essay, I had to shower all the sparkles off my body. Thank you very much Ethan Calder (and by the way you look like Chucky only not as cute) for dumping them in my hair!

Then I got into a very intense snap chat conversation with Carlie about her relationship with Nathan which is over even though she refuses to admit it. Then Dad said he would take me for sushi if I could be ready in five minutes and my will to write anything completely disappeared.

Starting the essay tomorrow and yes, I know it’s already August!

August 2, 2013

Started my essay tonight and already wrote way more than 650 words. Big problem though (ha!), they were all in the first paragraph that I rewrote at least twenty times and still hated it. Then I dug out some old notes about how to start your essay and I think they helped. Most of it I already knew – start with a provocative statement, create a question in the mind of the reader that will pull her into the essay, make a statement that defies expectations, start at the end and then go back to the beginning, stuff like that – but it was good to review it. My first paragraph is decent now, no where as good as it’s going to be but at least it’s something I can keep making better. That was also in the notes. Keep working till you get it!

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