July 8, 2013

Well, the first draft of my college admissions essay is done!  It meant saying no to Dina and Bree about shoe shopping, and telling Michael to go to see The Lone Ranger with his friend Nick (no interest anyway, that story is from a million years ago) but it was definitely worth it.

So now I am right on schedule.  I will do three more drafts of the Common App essay, then give it to a few people to read.  Three to be precise.  So far I’ve got Michael’s brother who’s a junior at Tufts and Dad’s cousin who used to write for the Wall Street Journal but now sells Volvos.  Not sure about the third one yet but it’s good to have three.  That way if two of them agree that something needs to be fixed, there’s a pretty good chance that it does.

That’s it for now, time to work!

July 9, 2013

I am completely disgusted with myself.  All of sudden I’m looking for reasons why not to work on my admissions essay.  Too late now, I’m completely fried from cleaning last year’s school papers out of my desk.

July 10, 2013

I finished my second draft today and just read it over.  Can’t tell anymore if it’s good or bad.  Maybe I should look for another topic.  What does canceling my FB account mean anyway?  It’s not like I discovered the cure for herpes.   But it does show a lot of good things about me…  my courage (???), my independence, the fact that I want to make the most of my time on this planet.

This is painful but the only cure is to keep working.  That’s why I started early, so that I’d have enough time no matter what.  I guess then, that I’ll finish one more draft before I decide whether to keep this one or not.  In fact, I’m going to start right now.  G’night!

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