Writing the College Admissions Essay – Ending Your Essay

There are several techniques that will help you end your college application essay effectively. Some of these are The Echo, The Buzz Lightyear, and the Head of the Class, which I have written about in earlier blogs. Another approach is called “Apply Here,” which I have also found a good way to close out an essay.

“Apply Here” is fairly simple to execute. Whatever points or concepts you have introduced and explored in the earlier parts of your essay, demonstrate how you will apply them once you are in college. If you have discussed how you taught math to at risk children, for example, state that, once on campus, you might look for opportunities to do the same. If your essay revealed your love of sports, declare that you will look for opportunities to volunteer in the athletic department. Voracious reader? Indicate that you will start a book club in your dorm. Experienced a political awakening? Throw your hat in the ring of campus politics.

This approach shows the reader that you are thinking ahead and have already projected yourself onto their campus. It also reveals a maturity and intellectual hunger. Finally, it lets the reader know that you are going to be student who participates in campus life, a definite plus.

When using the “Apply Here” technique to end your college application essay, don’t worry that you will be held to what you write. The essay is not a contract; no one will chase you across campus insisting you follow through. That doesn’t mean you should be a phony or go overboard in stating what you’re going to do. But a little imagination is fine and who knows, you might start that spelunking club after all.

The end of your application essay is your last chance to leave a positive impression on an Admissions Director. So be sure you don’t simply trail off or devolve into cliché. Use the “Apply Here” technique and finish with a flourish.

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