Writing the College Admissions Essay: How to “Barbara Walters” Yourself

The queen of interviews has retired so now it’s your turn to step up. In discovering a topic for your college admissions essay, “interview yourself” by asking a series of questions designed to expose your feelings and passions, spotlight important events in your life and reveal, ideally, what you didn’t know you knew (read that over a few times, I swear it makes sense).

Below are ten of those questions and in my next few blogs I’ll list another thirty. For best results, don’t simply read through the list and answer the questions in your head; write your responses down as fully as you can. Then read your answers back, see what you’ve learned about yourself and how that knowledge can be used in your admissions essay.

1. What’s your biggest achievement?
2. Your biggest disappointment?
3. How did you learn from both?
4. The title of your autobiography would be…
5. What’s the smartest thing you’ve ever done?
6. The dumbest?
7. The most innovative?
8. The bravest?
9. The most memorable?
10. The most valuable to another person or people?

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