Writing the College Application Essay: Don’t Lock in Too Early

It’s nearly August, high school will be in session again soon, and the thoughts of seniors are beginning to turn toward writing their college application essays. No doubt, as conscientious soon-to-be graduates, many of you have already spent a lot of time contemplating a topic for your essay. You might even have decided on one and feel that you are ready to go. And you might be right. Or not.

It’s great to get an early jump on your essay and choosing a subject is usually the first step. But try not to get locked in too early. Once you get back in school, carefully review the prompts you’re going to have to answer. Confer with friends, family, teachers, counselors and advisors to make sure that your topic resonates with others the way it does with you. Most of all, stay open. Keep your original idea in the back of your mind but don’t make your final decision until you’ve given yourself a chance to explore other options. Your original idea might hold up and then you can proceed with confidence. Or, an even more compelling concept might reveal itself and you’ll be happy you didn’t start writing too soon.

Remember that the subject you pick is critical to the success of your essay. So don’t let your eagerness to get started shackle you with a subject that isn’t as powerful as it might be. Finding that perfect idea for your college application essay is well worth whatever time it takes to discover it.

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