Writing the College Application Essay: How to “Barbara Walters” Yourself, Part 4

In choosing the topic for your college application essay, keep in mind that the first idea you have is often the same first idea that other applicants have as well. That’s why you need to keep digging, pushing hard to find a compelling and effective topic. To help with that excavation, here are ten more questions to ask yourself.

1. You can have any job, any profession you want. What is it? Why? What’s second? Third?
2. If you were meeting someone for the first time, what could you tell them about yourself that summed up who you are?
3. You are about to write your profile for a new dating website called “Seniors Going to College.” What’s the first thing that comes to mind?
4. Congratulation! You’ve just won twenty million dollars. What are you going to do next year? Why?
5. What’s more important, to be talented, have skill, or be a hard worker?
6. Which of the three is your strongest attribute? Give an example that demonstrates this is true.
7. Would you rather be rich, famous, or help others? Why?
8. One a scale of one to ten, with leader begin 10 and follower being 1, where are you now?
9. Would you like that rating to change? If so, how are you going to make that happen?
10. Name ten things you’d like to accomplish in your life. Don’t edit yourself, there are no right or wrong answers. Now rank them 1-10. What does this tell you about yourself?

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