The topic of your college application essay is as critical as the quality of the writing. That’s why you need to carefully mine your experiences to find a topic that is compelling, reasonably unique (I recently read an article about high school seniors who wrote college application essays about their genitals, urinating in their pants and why they were so attractive to the opposite sex. Unique, yes. An asset to acceptance? Hardly.) and will present you as an attractive candidate for admission.

Here are ten more questions to ask yourself, that could help you identify that topic.

1. What’s your dominant positive quality? How do you think it was developed within you?
2. How has that quality been revealed in your life?
3. Do you have obsessions? What are they? How did they develop?
4. You’ve got access to a private jet. Where’s the first place you’d go
5. What scares you? Why? What have you done about it?
6. Is there anything or any person you would fight and die for? Who? What? Why?
7. What’s the most unique thing about you?
8. How has this quality worked in your favor?
9. Give a one word description of your character, for example, “dependable”,
“sincere”, etc. How do you think you got that way?
10. Is there a story from your life that illustrates that quality?

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