Diary of a College Application Essay

At this point, many of you have started to write, or started to start, or are thinking about starting to start, your college application essay. I thought, therefore, that it might be beneficial to create a fictional diary of a student who is currently working on her college application essay, so that everyone could see […]

Diary of a College Application Essay – Entry #2

September 15, 2011. Talked about the essay with the college counselor at SoLa Beach. He gave me some brainstorming techniques like, to think about a topic for my essay right before I go to sleep or as soon as I wake up in the morning. And it worked! I woke up today and my topic […]

Diary of a College Application Essay – Entry #3

September 16, 2011 I hate my topic! Teaching a kid how to dive? It’s pathetic. Who cares? What does it say about me? I have a lot of free time on my hands? I know how to keep my chin tucked? It’s okay, I’ve still got plenty of time. I’ll come up with another one. […]

Diary of a College Application Essay – Entry #4

September 22, 2011 Got a new topic for my college essay. Drumroll…. B-d-d-d-d-d-d! I’m going to write about last summer when I decided I would take photographs of all the older people in our neighborhood. Then I framed the photos and gave them to the seniors as a gift. I know I’m not the greatest […]

Diary of a College Application Essay – Entry #5

October 4, 2011- Morning Got up early in a panic today, cannot believe I’m so behind on my essay. First the SAT’s (I did better!), then Homecoming (the SoLa football team won, I lost Dylan at the dance but that’s okay, the guy was out of control creepy and you know what I mean), English […]

Six Ways to Instantly Improve Your College Application Essay

You’ve written your college application essay, shown it to parents, friends, teachers, even that neighbor down the block who once worked on the television show, Full House. Everyone’s signed off, told you it’s great. And yet, you wonder, are there any ways I can still improve it? Here are six of them. 1. Read the […]

Diary of a College Application Essay – Entry #6

October 16, 2011 Finished my essay about two days ago, then let it “cook.” Didn’t read it, tried not to think about it although it seems that’s all anyone at good old SoLa is talking about these days. Then, the big moment… I read it again and… I liked it! Well, most of it. There […]

Diary of a College Application Essay – Entry #7

October 25, 2011 Common Application just about complete, essays totally under control. Except… Many of the schools I’m applying to want supplemental essays. More writing, but at least they’re shorter. Some schools want to know, “why you want to go there” and isn’t it obvious, it’s a good school and maybe you’ll take me. But […]

Diary of a College Application Essay – Entry #8

November 10, 2011 Still working on my essays. Couple more to go but you know what they say, the last ones are the hardest. (Do they really say that? I think I’m confused.) Anyway, Elyse keeps coming in and asking me how it’s going and even though I usually throw a pair of gym socks […]

Writing the College Application Essay: Using the Same Essay More Than Once

First things first… There is nothing wrong with using an essay you wrote for one school and revising it to fit another school’s prompt. It’s your work, you can do with it what you like. Plus, given the time and effort spent on getting your applications out (slightly less than landing a spaceship on Mars), […]