Diary of a College Application Essay – Entry #5

October 4, 2011- Morning

Got up early in a panic today, cannot believe I’m so behind on my essay. First the SAT’s (I did better!), then Homecoming (the SoLa football team won, I lost Dylan at the dance but that’s okay, the guy was out of control creepy and you know what I mean), English paper due, blah, blah, blah. But I am on it now and ready to go. Will talk to my English teacher today about my topic.

October 4 – Night

My English teacher thought my topic was… “all right,” and I should keep looking for another one. Thanks a lot, Ms. Masutti, very helpful.

So, after school, I went for a long walk in the park, which a guy in my class told me helped him come up with an idea for his essay. I can see what he means. It sort of took my mind off everything else, the pressure, the stress, just let me think about what I wanted to say and what would tell schools something about me they didn’t know from the rest of my application, which everyone says is the whole point of the essay. Only problem was I kept coming back to my idea about taking the photographs of the senior citizens in my neighborhood. I’ve heard that the essay topic should be something that only I can write. Well, I never heard of anyone else doing a project like that so… that’s it, done, that’s what I’m writing about.

I would start right now but it’s late and I’m getting tired. Wait. That’s just an excuse. Maybe I’ll make a few notes. No, better to wait until tomorrow when my mind is fresh. Also gotta check my FB. Super super excited.

October 5, 2011

Had no idea how to start writing my essay. Started it five times and every sentence sounded dumb and obvious and not like me at all. Did a little research and found some help online. Everyone suggests that creating an outline before you write is a good idea, it gives you a road map, blue print, it’s the sheet music for your symphony, whatever. Seemed like a waste of time but I did it anyway and guess what? It helped! Got all my ideas together, moved them around, took a few out, added a couple more… I’m like totally on top of it now and ready to go. Tomorrow I start writing. For sure.

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