Write Your BEST College Application Essay (#1)

Last year, I did a series of blogs called, “Twenty Five Ways to Make Your College Application Essay the Best Writing You’ve Ever Done.” The blogs included conceptual guidelines for writing an effective essay, as well as many technical writing tips. Longish title notwithstanding, response to the series was extremely positive. For this year, and at […]


At the risk of oversimplifying, here are three “re’s” students need to keep in mind when writing their college application essays. Re-flect Unless a student was raised by wolves or comes from Pluto, it is rare that an outstanding essay topic instantly reveals itself. On the contrary, it takes time and serious self reflection to […]

»Writing the College Application Essay – Brainstorming on Brainstorming

Writing your college application essay is going to require some brainstorming so I thought it might be helpful to put forth a very clear, usable definition of what is generally meant by this term. Simply put, brainstorming is the act of coming up with lots of ideas in a short period of time. Although it’s […]