The Holiday Season Can Inspire Your College Admissions Essay

If you’re still searching for a topic for your college admissions essay, try getting inspiration from this emotional holiday season. Family, gratitude, the spirit of giving, travel, commercialism, spirituality and over eating are all in the air and can wind up being potential subject areas. During the coming holidays, therefore, no matter which of them you celebrate, find a few moments between sugar plums (whatever they are) to think about why this time of year is important to you. If nothing comes up, okay, pass the candy canes. But you might discover that your connection to some emotional aspect of the holidays goes deeper than you thought. To gain another perspective, talk to some older people, in and out of your family, about their experiences. Holidays in general – from Labor Day to July 4th – can be inspiring so stay alert and open to interesting emotions and concepts that occur during these special times, and see if they can lead you to an interesting essay topic.

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